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Is There Any Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

You may have already figured out by now that there are many differences between an outdoor ping pong table and one that is to be used indoors.

Indoor vs outdoor table tennis

1) Material

Material of outdoor table tennis table

One of the first and biggest differences is in terms of how the tables are manufactured. Manufacturers that produce outdoor tables are required by law to be able to withstand all types of weather.

In other words, they have to be made from material that can withstand severe weather and constant use. Outdoor tables that are specifically designed for outdoor play are also made from wood combined with metal because they are designed to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions.

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2) Transportation and storage

One other difference between an indoor and outdoor table is in terms of how easy they are to transport from one location to another. Outdoor tables are more easily transported from one spot to another because of their lightweight structure. Table surfaces that are made from a polyethylene material or similar materials are especially easy to transport and store.

For indoor play, manufacturers have gone a step further in terms of design and construction. The materials that the legs of the table are made from can have an impact on the way the table handles and maneuvers when being played.

Most tables feature an extra sturdy frame with either rigid legs or flexible legs. Rigid legs will provide the most stability during vigorous play while flexible legs are much easier to move around.

When playing indoors, most players prefer to have undercarriage that is removable and foldable so they can easily fit into a compact space.

3) Durability

Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing an outdoor table tennis table is its durability. Tables that are made from aluminum, which is a very durable metal, will need less maintenance in the long run than wooden frames. The amount of maintenance required will depend on the type of frame used.

4) Frame

The next item of concern when shopping for an outdoor table tennis table is the actual frame that the table uses. Outdoor tables usually have a more sturdy frame, which adds a little extra cost. Many of these frames are sold with adjustable components that can allow for different height adjustment.

In addition, many frames have built-in rubber wheels that make it easier to transport the frame from place to place. These wheels are especially helpful if the frame is being transported between homes.

5) Bounce

bounce of the table tennis ball

Another difference is the bounce of the ball. Since outdoor tables have a metal surface, it will absorb some of the energy of the ball. As a result, it does not bounce well and the ball comes off the table quite slowly.

Once you know the basics of what your specific needs are, the best way to find out how to buy an outdoor ping pong table is to simply visit some of the sporting goods stores near you. Many of these stores offer expert advice as to the specific items that will work best for your purposes.

If the staff at the store are willing to answer your questions, then you will know that they are knowledgeable about the product that you are shopping for. This allows you to ask them questions about features, costs, and any other related topics so that you can get a better idea of what you are looking for in a ping pong table.

When choosing how to buy an outdoor ping pong table, one of the best things that you can do is to find a manufacturer that offers a good warranty on their product.

One of the best ways for a manufacturer to ensure that their product will stand up against bad weather conditions is to offer a good warranty on their product.

If you were to purchase a ping pong table with no weatherproof net set, you would have no recourse if the product got damaged due to bad weather. Buying a weatherproof net set is a good way to be sure that your table will stand up against all types of weather.

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