Similar and different between MuayThai and KichBoxing

To the majority of viewers, these two martial arts are indeed very similar. There are examples of very successful MMA fighters representing both Kickboxing and Muay Thai besides, many of the techniques taught in Muay Thai and Kickboxing also have much in common. In terms of technique and style of competition, even though there are similar techniques between both disciplines, however, the implementation, as well as the manner and purpose in each martial art, are completely different.

Muay Thai in some tournaments is in the ‘Kickboxing’ category, although these two subjects have nothing to do with each other. This is also due to the confusion in the way we describe this martial art: “Muay Thai is Kickboxing free to use the cross and knee.”

This concept is completely wrong because that is no different when we describe Kickboxing as “Karate without uniforms”. This article will take a closer look at both the nature of both Kickboxing and Muay Thai, the similarities and differences between these two martial arts.


The basic principles of Muay Thai

Unlike Kickboxing, Muay Thai is a fairly violent martial art when using both elbows and knees in addition to punches and kicks. This martial art often uses a powerful kick aimed at hurting the muscles of the opponent’s leg and thigh which makes it difficult to maneuver them. Elbow used in Thai power to deal extreme damage to the opponent’s head and at the same time use locks, hugs, chairs, … to control the match, minimize attacks from the opponent, as well as use Use the blow on the pillow or the cross at a close distance.

Although in the course of learning Muay Thai, students have to practice many different defensive tactics, but the nature of this martial art is a continuous attack. Muay Thai warriors often rely on setting up high-damage moves to quickly defeat the opponent. Although each of the Thai gyms will have different practices, the practice of the practice is often so fierce that there is no denying its benefits in improving resilience both physically and physically. morale.


The basic principles of Kickboxing

Kickboxing, on the other hand, bears many of the same basic techniques and principles as pure boxing. Unlike Muay Thai, a Kickboxing boxer usually won’t have trouble standing on a boxing ring following normal boxing rules. Of course, Kickboxing also owns the same kicks and punches as Thai boxing, but this subject focuses heavily on movements as well as how to move the foot. You will often see Kickboxing punches “dancing” as well as keeping distance from opponents very easily. Head movement is also a unique feature of Kickboxing, besides a combination of a series of very wide shots, sometimes also split and rotate kicks.


Both Muay Thai and Kickboxing are full of tactics, from how to move the feet, to the tactics necessary to avoid attacks from opponents as well as to fight back. Besides, many techniques are taught in Muay Thai, especially the basic principles, similar to those taught in Kickboxing. Both subjects are the leading martial arts in effectiveness in combat.


The first and most obvious difference that you can notice between these two martial arts is the Thai boxing system of an attack that covers all body parts from punches, kicks to pointers and knees. While Kickboxing only includes punches and kicks.

The second difference is the way they move and attack. With Muay, the boxers mainly move forward. In addition, Muay punchers often practice reading the opponent and then deploying attacks. Typically, these attacks will come after the first blow and the counter attack is a basic part of Muay Thai. There is very little head movement, leaning, and moving around compared to Boxing and Kickboxing.

The kicking moves of a Kickboxing puncher tend to be more flexible and slightly more defensive than Thai moves. Kickboxing fighters set up more leg attacks to actively attack instead of waiting for the opportunity to counter attack. That does not mean that Thai rights do not have easy foot movements, just Kickboxing has exerted too well these movements.

In addition to the difference in the number of body parts allowed to be used as well as the way the legs are moved, the types of attacks in both martial arts are also significantly different. Muay Thai has very few artistic attacks. Instead, Thai authorities favor simple, powerful attacks and do not lose the fighter if they accidentally miss.

However, with Kickboxing, you will learn a series of shots with a much wider range of damage. Some of the attacks taught in martial arts may be a bit more difficult to perform and can make boxers “miss” if they miss, but these attacks will also work. very high if the opponent is caught off guard.

In the end, the way the fighters of both disciplines kick off is also different. Muay Thai rarely uses low kicks with the feet or lower part of the shin. Instead, boxers are taught to deal damage to opponents using the middle part of the shin. In contrast, with Kickboxing, punchers often launch a series of kicks that are as wide as your foot or both the lower and the middle of the shin.

Muay Thai is often considered to be a more complete martial art because the attacks of this martial art are varied from hugging positions combined with elbows and knees while Kickboxing does not.

Muay Thai fighters can use Kickboxing to improve their mobility skills as well as practice some of the techniques taught in pure boxing. They can also use Kickboxing to add a series of more complex attacks in the upper stage to be able to win regardless of nasty opponents.

Meanwhile, a Kickboxing boxer practicing Thai boxing will benefit greatly from the quick counterattack and aggression of this martial art. In addition, they can improve their fighting ability by grasping how to have effective hugging shots as well as how to use elbows and knees to eliminate opponents at distance. cup close.

In short, both Muay Thai and Kickboxing are two martial arts that are highly effective both inside and outside the ring. Although there are some key differences, confusion between them is highly likely. Depending on each person’s physical condition as well as the purpose of practice, it is important to understand what makes the martial art we choose to be different, thereby improving and making it our own forte.

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