Why is the ball game becoming less common

Why is the ball game becoming less common?

The vast development of modern life and entertaining method has indirectly blurred the popularity of baseball.

Is baseball losing its popularity?

A baseball game, in essence, requires a considerable range of basic knowledge about the game. You need to understand the rules and learn the game’s history. To get yourself fascinated by the game, you need not only paying close attention to what you see on the field but also reading whatever analysis you get from sports TV after the game. However, most people don’t seem to have the enthusiasm or enough concentration span to read a baseball article or watch an entire gameplay review on ESPN. If youngsters have never been spent any amount of their leisure time reading about the ball game (both in newspapers or online), never collected baseball cards, learned about baseball history, or made a comparison between modern tactics and ancient strategies from 20, 30 years ago, not to mention knowledge about magnificent players, legends whose name sculpture on the hall of fame, … If you have never done any of these things, well, regrettably enough, this baseball game will in the likelihood of a boring game, a TV lullaby for them.

Baseball is not suitable for a person who simply leans back on the sofa in expectation of a spectacular highlight, or a ‘Babe Ruth’ outstanding baseball bat swing. However, the game of baseball will never be able to compete for the excitement of killing those monsters on VR or seeking interactions on their pointless Facebook newsfeed.


Young people have more to care about

For a lot of young people, their attention has been disrupted by years of intellectual inaction due to its passive lifestyle created by the social network addict. Newsfeed on Instagram, Facebook, are far more interest youngster than the slow rhythm of the baseball game. Most of them3 would rather spend their leisure time glue their eyes on the video game screen than plop themselves down on the couch for a baseball game. Most young people will never be able to comprehend why baseball is so meaningful, so special to a lot of elderly. For most teenagers, baseball is simply a sport in which they are forced to play with their neighbors in the backyard or a game they accidentally come across while switching channels. Sadly enough, the habit of climbing downstairs tripped over some stairs in order to grab the latest baseball news, in fact, has begun vanishing.

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