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Baseball and Softball, What Is the Difference?

Baseball and softball are quite similar, but when compared you will see some big differences between the two sports. If you intend to switch from softball to baseball, there are a few issues you need to understand well to start practicing. Below I will list some differences between baseball and softball:


With kids, you can use softball bats for baseball and vice versa.

At a higher age, players have a variety of bats to play specifically for baseball, they classified into categories based on their materials such as wood, Composite, Aluminum, …

Many baseball tournaments specify the type of club that is played.

Baseball bat

Ball size

A prescribed baseball will be significantly smaller than a softball. Baseball has a circumference of between 9.00 and 9.25 inches and weighs between 5.00 and 5.25 ounces, while a softball has a circumference of 11.88 to 12.13 inches and weighs from 6.25 to 7.00 ounces.
Ball size
Depending on age, softballs also have different sizes to fit the player’s hand. They will be smaller so that girls with small arms can throw the ball easily.

Handball area

With professional baseball for teenagers, there’s a pitcher’s mound thrown by the pitcher. Younger levels may call bats to launch a tee shot or from a pitcher from their coach.

In softball, at every level. The pitcher places the ball on the ground with flour.

The difference is that softball pitchers provide the ball in an underground motion while baseball bats can throw too much or even sidearm if they choose.

Distance from home court to throw area

In softball, the pitch is greater, because the distance between the pitcher and the disc is closer than that of baseball.

At young levels, the average distance between a pitcher and a disc is about 35 feet. On a higher level, this distance is 40 feet.

Base path

The baseline in baseball is a few steps longer than the softball path.

In softball, at the young level, the pitcher serves from 35 feet, the bases will be 55 feet apart;

At higher levels, the pitcher serves 40 feet, the bases will be 60 feet apart.

Smaller base paths in soft shadows create a smaller inland area that affects the defense of intruders.

The length of the match

When comparing the length of a match, baseball has nine innings and softball has seven innings.

With my share, I hope you will get ready to go from softball to baseball.

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